Packing Supplies & Boxes

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For your Rochester move, call Always Moving for your packing supplies

Keeping your possessions secure during a move is very important, so choosing the right kind of boxes and packing supplies is an important decision. When you’re busy planning  a move, boxes are packing supplies usually get left to the last minute. Scrounging around for leftover cardboard boxes behind liquor stores and supermarkets may be what you’ve thought of for packing your valuables, but they’re not ideal for packing your household possessions. Plus, these used boxes can have a food or grease smell, or be sub-standard in terms of the depth of the box corrugation and durability.

Durable, quality moving boxes and packing materials

Good, new, durable boxes, combined with the appropriate packing supplies, will ensure your possessions stay secure during your move. Heavy duty corrugated boxes are necessary for handling the weight and forces of carrying, stacking and transporting your possessions. Strong packing tape is suggested, since it’s the key to holding your boxes together. Use more tape on securing heavy boxes, and duct tape is best for using on securing your moving boxes. And lastly, use bubble wrap and packing peanuts for securing your valuables.

If you need a hand packing up, we also offer packing service.